Tom at the edge of the world

Hi. I’m Tom Weckström, and I’m a humanist engineer. I love working with technology that makes a difference for people and the planet – and at the same time I’m passionate about leadership, motivation, psychology, communication, empathy and all those soft skills that can make or break any organization.

In this blog, I’m writing about my findings, thoughts, and lessons learned during my career. I have about 300 lessons learned buffered in my notes and more to come. I hope you find help or new perspectives in my posts. I learn more about each topic while writing and when exploring your comments.

I’ve worked in five hi-tech startups and two listed companies, and gone through three mergers/acquisitions. When I started my own company Balandor Inc., I decided I will put some time aside and start sharing my lessons learned in a blog. Sharing is caring.

I’m a big fan of life-long learning. For me, the strongest learning experience comes when I make a mistake myself. I’ve experienced that the stronger the emotions while learning, the better those lessons learned will stick to one’s memory. However, sometimes you just don’t have the time or money to test everything yourself. That’s why I practice and recommend learning from other people’s mistakes and perceptions. And hopefully, the interaction that starts from sharing our points of view will lead to even deeper findings. Read on and share your thoughts. Welcome!